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Brown Rat

Rattus Norvegicus


  • Fur is usually brown to grey in colour on the body
  • Body can be up to 25cm long, with the tail approx. the same size in length
  • Males can weigh up to 350g in body weight with females typically weighing in at 250g
Technikil Brown Rat


  • Nocturnal by nature
  • Often found close to areas occupied by humans
  • Good climbers – can often be found at height (loft areas)
  • Often found to burrow
  • True omnivore – will feed on almost anything
  • Requires 30g of food per day and 60ml of water per day to survive


  • Gestation period of just 21 days
  • Litter sizes range from the average 7-14
  • Young females reach sexual maturity after just 5 weeks
  • Lifespan generally 1 year although in right conditions can survive for up to 3.



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  • All works carried out in line with BPCA guidelines and new CRRU Code of Best Practice
  • All methods of control used in a safe and controlled manner and will be explained and agreed upon during the initial site survey
  • Non-Toxic control methods used where possible to help maintain Pest Rights commitment to protecting our environment and reducing our chemical foot print


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  • Catered for all types of industry providers inc
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