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Reasons To Treat: Rodents

Why Treat Rodents

The name Rodent derives from the Latin name “rodere” which mean “to chew”. This is because all true rodents have the habitual need to gnaw on surfaces in order to keep their front teeth, called incisors, at a reduced level. Failing to do so would result in the teeth over growing and the inability to feed.

Prevention of damage - almost every type of food commodity, whether that be in production, storage or in use, is subject to rodent “attack”. Damage is also caused to the fabric of buildings, plumbing and electrical wiring (which also creates the risk of fire - in fact there have been numerous reports where by after investigation, rodents have been found to be the causes of many house/business fires)

Prevention of Disease - Rodents carry a number of diseases which are injurious to humans and domestic animals, such as Weils Disease (leptospirosis) and the Hanta Virus.

Relief from fear - Fear in the workplace can be disruptive, not just to the employees experiencing the distress and anxiety caused through rodents but also businesses themselves who report a drop in productivity of the work force owed to the disruptive nature of rodents and the fear caused. Having a professional body deal with your pest issue can go some way in calming these fears in the knowledge that the pest issues are being dealt with correctly and efficiently.

Elimination of contamination - as well as foods being consumed and damaged by rodents, a large number is fouled and contaminated by rodent droppings and, dependant upon your business type, are then distributed to a business partner (food chain suppliers) or direct to the paying consumers (restaurants etc.)

Above all else, conforming with the law - under the Prevention of Damage by Pest Act 1949, it is an offence, to knowingly harbour rodents in any premises. Where as the Food Safety Act 1990 requires that “due diligence” is taken to ensure that food items are kept free of sources of contamination.

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